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CHEF'S SPECIALS                         


All items come with a serving of white rice.
For Brown Rice add $1.50. Add mixed vegetables for $2.50.

2 Lover

Grilled bbq pork, prawns. White onion and  red bell pepper with sweet and sour sauce and northern style chili sauce on the side.


Yellow Curry Lamb

Thin cut lamb with carrots, potatoes, onions and broccoli simmered in mild coconut milk yellow curry.


Panang Salmon Curry

Fresh salmon fillet topped with rich panang curry sauce and mixed  vegetables.


Grilled BBQ Salmon

Fresh salmon fillet marinated in  seasoned coconut milk and served with mixed vegetables in oyster  sauce and a side of homemade  green chili sauce.


Basil BBQ Salmon (Pad Kra Prao BBQ Salmon)

Fresh grilled salmon in seasoned coconut milk, topped with mixed vegetables and sautéed in basil and homemade black oyster garlic chili sauce.


Hot Sizzling Spicy Lamb (Pad Gae)

Thin cut lamb with green beans,  red bell peppers, sweet basil and jalapenos in Thai chili sauce.


Eggplant Delight

Grilled eggplant topped with  minced prawns and ground  chicken in tomato in spicy red  coconut curry.
























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